What’s the best Salesforce® report for sales managers?

DecisionPoint Salesforce Sales Manages AppWhat’s the best Salesforce report for sales managers? It’s one that lets them explore their data so they can get quick-fire answers to their most pressing questions.

However, limitations with the out-of-the-box reports and dashboards you get with Salesforce means the information sales managers need is in several different places. This slows down their decision-making as they are forced to switch between reports to get the information they need.

So, they may have one report to focus on opportunities due to close this month. Another report to look at the wider sales funnel. Further reports to see a breakdown of opportunities by industry, lead source, etc. More reports still to look at historic performance, sales leaderboards, activity analysis, etc.

Faced with such a confusing array of options it’s a wonder sales managers can find any information to work with at all! If you are seeing low adoption of Salesforce amongst your sales managers, their inability to quickly and efficiently access relevant information is likely to be a major factor.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was one place your sales managers had to go to answer their daily and one-off questions?

That’s what we offer with DecisionPoint – a high performance analytics platform for Salesforce customers. With DecisionPoint™ we aim to create the best Salesforce report for your sales managers. In fact, it’s not really a report – it’s more of an app. A business app that’s as easy to operate as the consumer apps your sales managers use on a daily basis. A business app they can navigate intuitively to get fast answers to their questions.

The all-in-one Sales Manager’s App

The sales manager’s app is one of a number of pre-built apps provided with DecisionPoint™.

Watch this short video to take a tour of the app and see how sales manager can keep on top of their team’s performance to ensure they beat their number.

Three top level views in the app allow sales managers to:

  1. Focus on business closing this month
  2. Check their sales pipeline to ensure they have enough coverage to make their number
  3. Look back at historic performance to help identify differences between stronger and weaker performers. This can highlight areas where some team members would benefit from coaching to improve their performance

Current Month View

For the current month, they can look at a sales analysis to see how they’re performing against target for the month, quarter and year to date. They can see the top 5 opportunities due to close this month – with a live link to the underlying Salesforce record. And, they can see several other metrics which relate to their team’s performance.

To dive into more detail, the sales manager can press one of the insight buttons.

For example:

  • Behind the top sales person, they can pull up a view showing a sales leaderboard. So, they can compare sales people against each other and at the same time see how they are performing against target. They can view this information for the current month, quarter or year. From here they can pull up a peer analysis view where they can compare up to 5 sales people over a range of measures to look for top performers and weaker members of their team.

Sales Pipeline View

The pipeline view is where sales managers check how their team is performing against target and see a prediction of how much revenue they will generate this year. This can help them understand where they need to focus their efforts. For example, do they need to focus the team on pipeline generation, qualification or closing?

To get more detail on how the pipeline metrics have been calculated, the sales manager can pull up 2 extra views:

  • Sales and current pipeline forecast. This view shows year to date sales in a chart against target. Switching this to a cumulative view shows them how well they are trending against target. This view also shows how the weighted opportunity amount has been calculated from the current set of open opportunities forecast to close this year<
  • Future pipeline forecast. This view shows how the future pipeline forecast has been calculated. It’s based on the average value of opportunities created each month. This is multiplied by the effective months remaining in the year. This in turn is calculated as the number of months left in the year, minus the length of the average sales cycle. This is all multiplied by the team’s historic win rate for the past 12 months.

Historical Performance View

The historical performance view, lets sales manager look back over time at the performance of their team to identify areas for improvement. Again, they can view the performance of the whole team or filter their data to focus on a particular sales person.

They can view both the value and volume of opportunities over time and they can choose to slice this data by type, lead source or stage. In the same way they can analyze activities by status and type. In both areas, they can drill down from the an annual view to see quarterly or monthly views. This helps sales managers to understand if there is a correlation between activity levels and opportunities generated.

Try this for yourself

Think about what a sales manager would have to do to get hold of this type of information in Salesforce? They’d have to switch between several reports and dashboards. They’d probably need someone to collate part of this information for them in Excel … and that’s a time-consuming, manual process.

With the DecisionPoint™ sales manager’s app, everything is in one place.  Everything is automated. And, that means it’s fast and easy for sales managers to get hold of the answers they need to run a successful team.

Imagine if your sales managers could view their Salesforce data this easily?

To find out more, try these pre-built apps for yourself.

And, remember … with DecisionPoint, it’s easy to customize these apps to fit your business needs  … and it’s also easy to create your own apps from scratch.

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