Antivia, an industry-leading business intelligence (BI) software company and subsidiary of, today announced the launch of a new cloud version of DecisionPoint, its high-performance analytics platform.

From launch the cloud version of DecisionPoint connects to Salesforce®, Excel® and CSV data, with connectors to other popular cloud applications coming soon.

Today, Antivia is inviting Salesforce® customers to request early access to enjoy 3 month's free access to DecisionPoint. During this period, they will be able to:

  • Access all their Salesforce® data through a high performance analytics platform
  • Use intuitive data discovery capabilities, aimed specifically at non-technical business users, to discover hidden factors that drive their business - or hold it back
  • Use pre-built apps to give sales people the information they need to be effective
  • Create custom apps in minutes that reflect how their business works, without requiring specialist skills
  • Ensure their sales team can access their information wherever they are, whether online or offline
  • Provide feedback to help shape the future direction of the product and define additional pre-built apps

Mark Hudson, CEO, Antivia said: "Today, with the launch of the cloud version of DecisionPoint we're making it fast and pain-free for Salesforce® customers to get the insights they need about their business. It's perfect for Salesforce® customers who need to increase the productivity of their sales teams to ensure they hit their target. It's also ideal for rapidly growing teams who need more insight into their sales reps activity and who want to give their reps the tools to manage their own performance more effectively."

The cloud version of DecisionPoint is generally available. Salesforce® customers can request early access from Antivia's website