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"I'm blown away by the speed and ease of use with DecisionPoint, love it!"

Matt Hawkins CTO, Kingfisher Inc

"I give them A+ on technical support"

Jen Underwood Founder & Principal Consultant Impact Analytix

"DecisionPoint allows us to get new information onto the iPad, fast"

Mike Stapleton CIO, HealthPlanOne

"Having the opportunity to give DecisionPoint a shot, it seems like a more natural progression of SAP Dashboards."

Ryan Goodman Founder & CEO, Centigon Solutions

"This is one of the best BI tools I have seen in a long time... combining the capabilities of SAP Dashboard Design with Tableau"

Connor Gormley Director, CG Analytics

"Besides the intuitive use of DecisionPoint, the value provided for a small to medium size business is unprecedented. It has provided our company a lot of "Bang for the Bucks" and, through BI visualizations, rapid and informed management decisions."

Warren Tillman CAO/CTO, H & H Homes

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