Data-driven higher education: maximize performance through effective use of data

Maintain enrollment numbers, increase graduation rates and maximize your budget

The Challenge

Colleges and universities are awash with data, from enrollment, donor and student data to classes, achievements, demographics, intellectual property and grants - so, how do you keep track of it all?
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How do you ensure your enrollment rates are stable and that your graduation rates are going up, whilst also squeezing the maximum value out of your budget?

Lack of insight into enrollment data: Enrollment data is some of the most valuable information your college holds in its armory. Understanding the breakdown of student numbers by demographic and social status is key to successful planning and recruitment. But if your enrollment data is trapped in cumbersome static reports then the information can be difficult to navigate and quickly becomes out of date, meaning you lose out on valuable insights that could change the way you run your institution.

Maintain standards when budgets are shrinking: Running an effective educational institution is not just about admissions and classes, it's about managing hundreds or thousands of employees doing jobs like ground work, construction, teaching, system administration - the list goes on. When data for each of these areas is stored in disparate systems it can be hard to see the big picture, which you need to make the decisions that enable you to run an efficient operation and squeeze the most out of a shrinking budget.

Failing to detect admissions trends early: Attracting and retaining students and improving rankings is crucial for any institution. Colleges and universities are under constant pressure to perform at a high level and to demonstrate successful academic outcomes. This is critical to secure their future, yet without a complete overview of admissions it can be hard to spot trends early that could, if left unaddressed, have a huge impact on the medium to long term success of the institution.

The Solution

To stay ahead of the game, you need get information into the hands of the people who need it to ensure they can make the best decisions for your college or university. DecisionPoint enables you to quickly create the information apps that the decision-makers in your institution need to ensure they always have their finger on the pulse of the organization.
Evaluate performance against institutional and national goals:

Collecting statistics on the average SAT scores for the incoming students is easy. Slicing those metrics by school, gender, home town and ethnicity is more difficult - but it's what matters most. DecisionPoint lets you view your students' performance metrics by any demographic measure. It also lets you easily monitor progress against institutional and national targets to ensure you're on track.

Optimize and understand all the resources on campus:

Construction teams, educators, ground keepers, facilities, transport ... making the most of your employees, students and facilities can be a real juggling act. Campus administrators have to balance the needs of a raft of different users whilst at the same time allowing for maintenance and future development of the institution. DecisionPoint allows you to pull together a complete overview of what's happening on campus, both now and in the future, and to share this information with other departments and staff so everyone sees the big picture.

Exploit enrollment data to plan for the future:

To get the most value from your enrollment data you need a complete overview by demographics, social status, outcomes, etc. with the ability to further break down this information by faculty, course, time, etc. DecisionPoint gives you this capability, so you can answer important questions like: What does your student body look like? What will it look like in five years? This enables you to understand past trends and to see what's coming so you can plan for the future and ensure you always hit your targets and achieve your mission.

Support the needs of your remote workers

For remote workers, such as your sales teams, field engineers or depot managers, DecisionPoint offers a seamless mobile experience, providing fully interactive access to information even when people are offline. The industry-leading DecisionPoint mobile app allows business users to take multiple apps offline with a single click so they can answer critical questions wherever they are, whenever they need.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Connect and merge data from different sources, e.g. systems holding enrolment, staff and campus data
  • Create stunning information apps without coding
  • Deliver to mobile devices (and desktop browsers), empowering all staff with access to information
  • Schedule refresh of your data to make sure people always see the most recent numbers
  • Ensure everyone sees the big picture so they can make the correct decisions for your institution

The Takeaway

DecisionPoint allows you to gain a complete overview of your college or university's data, from enrollment to grants, to help you to maintain enrollment numbers, increase graduation rates and wring every last drop of value out of your budget.

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