Data-driven manufacturing: maximize performance through effective use of data

Bring your data together, get the big picture and share it with everyone in your organization

The Challenge

Manufacturing data changes constantly, and to run an effective business you need to keep on top of these changes.
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It is crucial for manufacturers to work with the latest numbers and figures to make sure decisions around customer orders, planning, product quality and shipping aren't made on bad or old data.

Static reports are cumbersome and instantly out of date: Access to new and up-to-date information is crucial for any manufacturer. A PDF or a paper document churned out by an operational system is not sufficient when you're trying to operate efficiently. Static reports like these are cumbersome, never up-to-date and can be difficult to navigate to reach correct decisions.

Disparate data makes it hard to see the full picture: When data is stored in multiple systems and each plant and facility manager collates their own information, there is little consistency across sites and head office. This makes it hard to benchmark performance and leads to confusion and inconsistent decisions. What these people need is a consistent way of managing the business, where each person sees critical information about their part of the organization and how they are performing relative to their peers to steer the business in the right direction.

Lack of data visibility makes your organization inefficient and slow: When plant and facility managers have to go back to head office to get answers to their questions, it creates a time lag and breeds further frustration. What these people need is constant access to information that provides answers to immediate and follow-up questions, giving them clear visibility into what action they should take next, making everyone more efficient.

The Solution

To stay ahead of the game, you need information apps that quickly get information out to the people who need it to ensure they can make the best decisions for your business. Everyone in the organization needs to have their finger on the pulse of the business to make data-driven decisions, and DecisionPoint is ideal for the job.
Automatically update information apps throughout the day:

To make sure front-line workers always have their finger on the pulse of your business, you can schedule apps to be refreshed periodically throughout the day (e.g. every minute, every 10 minutes, every hour, etc.) to ensure people are always working with the most up-to-date information. To keep up with a fast-changing business environment, DecisionPoint also lets you create and update apps fast, without coding.

Provide everyone with the big picture:

Using information apps to share your most important KPIs at every level of the business means everyone can understand and see how they contribute towards your company's success. By personalizing apps based on people's roles, you can ensure that everyone has access to the specific information they need to avoid information overload and keep them focused on what's most important to them.

Ensure constant access to information:

In a distributed environment, you need to ensure everyone has access to the information they need to make decisions based on the latest numbers and figures. Front-line workers in your plants and distribution centers may want to see how their shift is performing against plan on a big wall-mounted screen. Planners at head office may want to see the big picture from their desktops. Sales people on the road need access to information from their iPads. They want fast response times even on slow public networks and they want fully interactive apps even when they're offline. DecisionPoint provides all of these capabilities.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Connect and merge data from different sources, e.g. your planning, production, customer, product quality and shipping systems
  • Create stunning information apps without coding
  • Deliver to mobile devices (and desktop browsers), empowering your plant managers, facility managers and sales force in their remote locations
  • Schedule refresh of your data to make sure people always see the most recent numbers
  • Ensure each manager sees the big picture so he or she can make the correct decisions for your business.

The Takeaway

DecisionPoint enables you to bring together your disparate data sources, see the big picture and share it with everyone in your organization to enable smart, data-driven decisions and drive exceptional performance.

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