Data-driven marketing: use your data to keep on top of multichannel campaigns

Bring your data together and get a complete overview of your marketing process

The Challenge

The fact that useful marketing data is so readily available is great and quite different from many other parts of your business. However, with that much information available, it can be hard to focus on what matters.
Supporting Content
Today's marketers are not short of tools to help them do their jobs. Tools like Google Analytics, customer relationship management systems, social media analytics and marketing automation systems all gather data and spew out reports, meaning modern marketers face not just heaps of data but also heaps of reports - all reporting on different parts of the marketing process.

Several reports from multiple systems slows you down: Having access to all the information you can possibly need is great. But having to run multiple reports every day to gain insight into individual parts of your marketing efforts and then having to manually combine this information into a global view of campaign effectiveness, is not an effective use of your time.

Complex campaigns hinder clarity: With multiple campaigns running across multiple channels it can be hard to understand what works and what doesn't, making it difficult to see where the most fertile areas are to invest in the future.

Avoiding spiralling costs: With multiple channels, disparate reports and numerous campaigns it can be hard to keep track of expenditure, and without being able to allocate money effectively across campaigns it's hard to track return on investment to show that your budget is being well spent.

The Solution

DecisionPoint can help you get in control of and make the most of your marketing data by providing you with a complete overview of your marketing process
Eliminate multiple reports and bring all your data together:

Running multiple reports from disparate systems takes up valuable time. DecisionPoint helps you avoid this time-consuming process, allowing you to bring all your data together and view it in one place so you get a complete overview of your marketing data and campaigns.

Analyze your campaigns' performance and contribution to revenue:

By bringing all your marketing data together into one complete overview, you have the ability to see and understand which campaigns have the highest impact and address those that aren't performing well.

Make the right decision every time:

Monitor the success of your campaigns by defining KPIs that allow you to measure what matters to your business. Drill through your data to understand the impact of your campaigns over time, geography and markets, filter your data by campaign type and channel and make sure you're always one step ahead.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Connect and merge data from different sources, e.g. your CRM system, Google Analytics and social media analytics
  • Create stunning information apps without coding
  • Deliver to mobile devices (and desktop browsers), empowering your marketing team with constant access to consolidated information
  • Schedule refresh of your data to make sure people always see the most recent numbers
  • Ensure each team leader sees the big picture so he or she can make the correct decisions for your business

The Takeaway

With DecisionPoint, you can bring all your marketing data together enabling you to always stay on top of your marketing process and making your money's worth in a very competitive market.

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