Squeeze more value out of your NetSuite data

Share information in a way that matches the way your business works

The Challenge

Without the right information it's hard to make sense of a changing business landscape
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As a NetSuite customer you've already cut your IT costs, reduced your financial close time and improved your quote-to-cash cycle times.

But, today, is your business facing new pressures:

  • Cutting lead times?
  • Adapting to omnichannel?
  • Growing market share in spite of increased competition?
  • Sustaining profit margins in the face of volatile global raw material and energy prices?

If so, do people across your organization have all of the information they need to stay on top of the changes happening around them? Are people frustrated when they are forced to make decisions based on gut rather than facts?

The speed at which you can react and adapt to business change is critical, so you need to arm people with information that adapts to and keeps pace with this change - whether that data is all in NetSuite or merged with data from other systems (e.g. HR, web analytics, etc.) - so they can continue to make sense of what's happening in the areas that matter most:

Retail - to optimize inventory management to increase visibility and availability across selling channels to avoid costly stock-outs and transfers.

Supply chain - to share information across the organization at the right time to reduce costly issues at the point of delivery.

Manufacturing - to take a customer-centric approach focusing on lead time, on-time deliveries and defect rates to maximize the number of perfect orders.

Sales - to measure pipeline trends across the sales cycle to improve close rates and drive increased sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Finance - to monitor inventory, receivables and payables to reduce cash-to-cash cycle times and sustain profit margins.



The Solution
Share information in a way that matches how your business works

Create information apps quickly in response to changing business needs

To keep pace with a changing business world, DecisionPoint offers a much faster, easier way of creating and maintaining stunning information apps without coding, using skills you already have in your team. Use a free-form layout and add multiple views of data to create a task-focused app that matches the way your business people think and provides answers to the questions that really matter to your business.

See the big picture by combining data from NetSuite and beyond

To exploit the growing number of available data sources both on premise and in the cloud, DecisionPoint enables you to merge your NetSuite data (including custom fields) with other data sources - with or without a data warehouse - to create a consolidated view of your business, so decision-makers always have all the information they need available in their app.

Empower your entire workforce with fingertip-access to information

To help your business deliver exceptional performance, DecisionPoint enables you to get information into the hands of the people that need it in the form of an information app that requires no training to use. Field workers like your sales team can access apps from their mobile devices when they're on the go, and even when they are offline. Front-line workers in your warehouse or on the factory floor can view key metrics on wall-mounted displays, ensuring that everyone has their finger on the pulse and is focused on driving the business forward.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Connect to your NetSuite data and merge data from other sources
  • Create sophisticated information apps in minutes without coding
  • Share information apps securely to mobile devices and desktops
  • View fully functional apps offline

The Takeaway

Harnessing the flexibility of DecisionPoint to your NetSuite data will enable you to adapt quickly to new challenges facing your business, ensuring you always have the right information to hand - from wherever it's sourced - so people across your organization can make informed decisions that will help your organization thrive and outperform your competitors.

Are you ready to squeeze more value out of your NetSuite data?

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